I started WOODS & Co. CIVIL ENGINEERING in 1996 and have been providing civil engineering and site planning services to private and public clients on residential, commercial, industrial, and historic preservation projects throughout the six New England states.  I've been a licensed professional engineer since 1988 and prior to opening WOODS & Co. I had worked for other private engineering and land surveying firms, and also as a permit reviewing engineer for the State of Vermont.   I feel that having worked in both the private and public engineering sectors allows for a unique and balanced approach to projects and their permitting.   I have been involved with historic preservation projects since 1993, when in my spare time, I volunteered my engineering expertise on a project to document and restore a historic water power system at Hancock Shaker Village Museum in western Massachusetts.  My historic preservation work continues today with my current work on several properties throughout New England owned by Historic New England (aka The Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities), on an old mill and dam project for a non-profit organization in New Hampshire, and on a couple of privately owned historic home properties in Massachusetts and Vermont.  In addition to my engineering work, I have recently begun to create architectural and landscape artwork as a sideline.  If you are curious about this new direction for me, please click on the "Art Work" button to view some examples, and don't forget to click on the other buttons for more on my engineering related work and offerings.  Thanks for your time and consideration in looking over my website, and do not hesitate to contact me if you would like further information.


Don Woods, PE